Welcome Back, Measles! How the Anti-Vaxx Movement Made Measles Cool Again.

Remember when you were a kid and you had the measles? Of course not. Because your parents got you vaccinated like responsible adults.

Back in 2000, there was literally no cases of measles originated in the U.S. We had effectively removed it through systematic vaccination.

Measles cases in US

It’s probably just a coincidence, though.

Fast forward to 2015, and we have a fucking measles outbreak. Awesome. Good job, everyone.

You are not a doctor.

I know what you’re thinking. You read studies on the Internet. They look scientific. You’re a smart person. You get it.

Preservatives in your vaccination? That doesn’t sound healthy! It isn’t natural at all! You can’t trust your doctor — he’s just treating the symptoms and doesn’t care about your well-being! He’s just some jerk who sees you as a cash register!

But believe it or not, that guy or gal who went to school for like 15 years actually does know better than you. Because they went to school for like fifteen fucking years to learn about your stupid body and you’re ruining it by reading infographics on Facebook.

Sorry, dude. You’re not a doctor. You’re just an average accountant. What makes you think you know the first thing about medical science? You probably can’t launch a rocket into outer space, either.

Video gamer

But you’re totally qualified to figure out the associated risks of a particular vaccine.

The Measles Vaccine (Mostly) Works

Given how amazingly infectious measles is, the MMR vaccine is pretty impressive. It works in 95-98% of people. Which means it’s totally ineffective in 2-5% of people. But still. That’s pretty good!

The problem isn’t those 2-5%. It’s the people who won’t get it. For religious reasons (wtf is wrong with your religion). And worse yet, for “philosophical” reasons.

Philosophical reasons? Huh?

What could you possibly have, philosophically, against vaccination? What, it’s wrong to put any chemicals into your body even though the world is literally made of chemicals?

Is this really about free will? What, you don’t want your poor kid to be forced to have a vaccination? Do you also want your child to have the free will to jump into a fire or off of a high building? I mean, if freedom is all we care about, honestly, you should probably just let the kids raise themselves.

Can 1 in a million go into anaphylactic shock? Yes. There’s a 1 in million chance I’m standing behind you right now with a knife, too.

Guy with a knife


Don’t listen to the Fear Mongerers

Don’t listen the naysayers. The Alex Jones’ of the world. The “Natural News.” Whatever that is.

They fill your heads with lies about safety and misinformation. They just keep sending you more and more scientific-looking information that would never withstand scientific peer review. And then, when you’ve seen so much conflicting information, you come to the realization that, “the issue is complicated.”

Fake scientific journal

Seems legit.

It’s really not. Medical science supports the safety and use of vaccinations to prevent certain diseases which kill thousands of people every year. The people who actually know what a rigorous scientific study looks like.

The people who write against it? They’re plumbers and electricians and homeopathic salesmen. They don’t know about peer-reviewed data because they’re not scientists or doctors. Because being those things is hard. And requires more than just reading a debunked study about autism.

We never learned to fear disease.

The real problem? We don’t live in a world with polio and smallpox and whooping cough. Because vaccinations killed them.

Back when hardly anybody got measles, nobody died of measles. So the need for a vaccination didn’t seem very high. I mean, who gets measles, right?

So people stopped getting vaccinations. And then measles came back. And now people are going to die. That’s it. It’s really not more complicated than that.

And some of those people who died are going to die because their body didn’t accept the immunization. But you decided your kid — who would’ve taken it — didn’t need it. And now it’s spread. And some kid’s dead.

Whoopsie Daisy

But it’s okay because vaccines are dangerous and scary. Because they aren’t natural.

You know what’s natural? Disease. Bacteria. Viruses.

Fire. Floods. Tornadoes. Tsunamis.

Vaccines? Not so much. But sometimes, you know what? It’s okay to defy nature and go ahead and NOT get polio or measles.

Mother Nature? Psht. I’ll take science.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tarahaelle/2015/02/05/on-measles-and-the-mmr-vaccine-a-conversation-with-vaccine-researcher-gregory-poland/

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